Union of Evangelical Students of India is a student movement that enriches the lives of college students and raise them as leaders for the Lord Jesus Christ. Bible Study group or a prayer cell is the heart of UESI where the students meet to study the Word of God and for fellowship. UESI employs a very systematic way of helping the students according to their spiritual needs and Evangelistic, Discipleship and Leadership level programs are conducted regularly.


Transformed students, envisioned graduates and committed staff of UESI work hand in hand to reach out the student community. UESI also has a HSS wing that caters to the spiritual needs of the post-matric students. UESI has its presence felt throughout the country by making disciples who serve the church and society. Although UESI is an Indian movement, it is linked to International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) a global community of indigenous student movements engaging the universities with the good news of Jesus Christ.


Our Vision
Transformed students impacting the campuses and the nation as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Our Mission
UESI seeks to evangelize post-matric students in India, nurture them as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, that they may serve the Church and the society.

Bible Believing



Fellowship of new life


Spiritually centered

Financially independent

Indian organization

International in its sympathies

Union of Evangelical Students of India is NOT: