Why Students? 

Students are the cream of the society and they are the future leaders of our nation. This highly intellectual, energetic and multi talented community has great potential to reach greater heights. 15-25 age group  is very crucial as they look for meaning and direction in life, form values and set standards for their lives. They also face huge identity crisis and unless they are guided properly, they can be easily misled by anti social elements. UESI ministry is therefore geared to present the Gospel in an interesting, intelligible and effective way that suits this special group of people and leads them to receive salvation from Jesus Christ and live as royal children of Most High God.


God has blessed each one of His children with various spiritual gifts and talents mainly for the edification of the church. There are many avenues in UESI ministry where you can exercise your spiritual gifts for the benefit of the students.


UESI TN for the year 2017-19 functions with the motto “Back to the Basics”.


* Play the role of a mentor to a student.
* Take Bible studies in student prayer cells.
* Initiate a Bible study in a nearby college or at your home.
* Introduce UESI to local church.
* Attend the fellowship for graduates- EGF
* Help organise camps and retreats for students.
* Be a resource person in student camps.
* Write articles for our magazine Tharisana Sudar.
* Read and distribute UESI books and magazines.
* Be a part of Media team helping in various projects.


UESI ministries has grown through out the country by the grace of God, sacrificial living and giving of many graduates and students involved in this movement. Make a commitment to contribute to the ministry of making disciple makers who serve the church and society.