To present the claims of Christ so that other students may come to a personal experience of Jesus Christ as Saviour, Lord and God through the new birth.

To have Fellowship with all students of like precious faith for mutual help and growth in the Christian life, especially by means of Bible Study and Prayer, and to encourage one another in witness for Christ.

To raise a testimony in the colleges to the truths of the Historic Christian faith and to present its message for the whole of life and problems of mankind.

To present God’s missionary command and so to help students discover and obey His will for them at home and abroad in world evangelization.

Exposition and Activities

Exposition:   Evangelism is the cutting edge of UESI. This must be the hall mark of every EU. Student’s community has been a force to reckon with. They have enormous potentials. They shape the destiny of the future India. Hence many political parties and religious movements appeal to their psychology and exploit them for their ends. God has called us to reach the students with the claims of Jesus Christ. The need of the hour in India is regeneration (having new life). It could be done by the effective implementation of our first aim. The aim states clearly that our field is the student community only. Students stay in the campus only for the short time. If they are not reached during their student days, it will be difficult to reach them afterwards.

Exposition: The second aim show us the way to the healthy growth as Christians. The purpose is to help the believing students to grow in Christian life. Bible Study and Prayer are the ways of building the basis for the true fellowship and oneness in Christ.

Suggested Activities:

1. Bible Study (GBS) and Prayer.

2. Prayer and Believers Meet.

3. Discipleship Training Camp.

4. Leadership Training Camp.

5. Committee Members Training Camp.

6. Annual Thanksgiving Meet.

7. Visit to a nearby EU.

8. Fellowship Evenings with EGF families etc…

Exposition: The EU students are to show, through their lives in the campuses, that they are different because of the Lord they believe in and the convictions they by. In order to present the Gospel as the solution, one needs to be aware of the problems. This means sharing the Gospel as well as raising a Christian voice when there is injustice, ragging, discrimination etc… on the campus.

Suggested Activities:

1.       Doctrinal Messages.

2.       Special Doctrine and Science Lectures.

3.       Gifting Books to Library.

4.       Articles for College Magazine.

Exposition: The first part speaks of presenting God’s command and the second part about helping the students discover and obey His will for their lives in relation to World evangelization. The students should be challenged and prepared to serve God anywhere, willing to give up ‘small ambitions’ in order to fulfill His calling.

Suggested Activities:

1.       Missions Meetings.

2.       Contact with Missionaries.

3.       Missions Conference.

4.       Mission Training Camps.